Please note any due commissions are paid direct to you or your network from lender.

To secure deals Quote Premier Equity Release Club when ordering quotes manually or use drop down menu for on-line lenders

Lender Product Commission / Procuration fee Payable direct or through your network
aviva Flexible
Lump Sum (enhanced available on medical)
2.25% + 0.75% with max £500
2.25% (DA on Aviva terms up to 2.5%)
Payable  as per statement frequency selected by the member or their network.
 bridgewater_equity_release_logo Home reversion 3.5% (Enhanced) Payable after completion.
main_crown-equity-release Home reversion 1.5% Payable after completion.

Retirement Plan

55/ 55 ROI

Lifetime mortgage plus/Max and index lined mtg plus and max

Flexi and lump sum -2.25% + 0.15% on reserve
Retirement  – 1.25% Min £2500RIO – o.5% principle adviser and 0.05%
Payable 14 days after completion.
Lump sum Plus, Lump Sum Enhanced, Flexible 2% Min £600 Payable after completion
lg-logo Flexible/Optional 2.85% and 1% on drip(Enhanced)min £500 Max £10,000 – balance rebated to client. IRESS shows all paid up front this is incorrect and should show initial loan at 2.85% the balance on drip is only paid if client accesses the draw down.


Payable after completion.
lv= Lump Sum &  Flexible  1.5% Flexible  on WHOLE facility paid in FULL at completion

1.75% paid on Lump sum

 Payable after completion.
More2Life-Logo Tailored
Capital choice Maximum Choice
2.25% Min £600 (Enhanced)- none paid on reserve
2.25% Min £600
2.25% Min £500- 1.5% paid on drip as reserve taken.
Payable after completion, with reserve on drip
One Family Voluntary

Lump sum

2.3% standard (2.1%) must update user profile and select The Premier ER club in mortgage club to get uplift MAX £10,000 Payable after completion
pure retirement Drawdown/Lump  2.3% (Enhanced) Min £500 on initial advance Draw down reserve 1/2 of fee paid on trail  payable after completion
 Lifestyle, Voluntary and Interst only.  BTL & Second homes 2.3% + 1% on reserve with a  Min £500 MUST BE REGISTERED WITH retirement advantage formerly Stonehaven AS PERC preferred route to qualify. Payable after completion. @ 2.3% and 1% on reserve

Please note: This information is for registered intermediaries. Not to issued to members of the public. Note: PERC club does not offer financial conduct regulated advice. Please always check rate, criteria and commission with lenders as this can change without notice.

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To secure deals EVERY APPLICATION MUST have a PERC WRAP Submission which you can download here.


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