Please note any due commissions are paid direct to you or your network from lender.

To secure deals EVERY APPLICATION MUST have a PERC WRAP Submission which you can download here.

Lender Product Commission / Procuration fee Payable direct or through your network
aviva Flexible
Lump Sum (enhanced available on medical)
2.25% + 0.75% with max £500
2.25% (DA on Aviva terms up to 2.5%)
Payable  as per statement frequency selected by the member or their network.
 bridgewater_equity_release_logo Home reversion 3.5% (Enhanced) Payable after completion.
main_crown-equity-release Home reversion 1.5% Payable after completion.

Retirement Plan

55/ 55 ROI

Lifetime mortgage plus/Max and index lined mtg plus and max

2.25% + 0.15% on reserve
1.25% Min £2500.5% principle adviser and 0.05% club2.25%
Payable 14 days after completion.
Lump sum Plus, Lump Sum Enhanced, Flexible 2% Min £600 Payable after completion
lg-logo Flexible/Optional 2.25% and 1% on drip(Enhanced)min £500 Max £10000  Payable after completion.
lv= Lump Sum &  Flexible  1.5% Flexible  on WHOLE facility paid in FULL at completion

1.75% paid on Lump sum

 Payable after completion.
More2Life-Logo Tailored
Capital choiceMaximum Choice
2.25% Min £600 (Enhanced)- none paid on reserve
2.25% Min £600
2.25% Min £500- 1.5% paid on drip as reserve taken.
Payable after completion, with reserve on drip
One Family Voluntary

Lump sum

2.3% standard (2.1%) must update user profile and select The Premier ER club in mortgage club to get uplift MAX £10,000 Payable after completion
pure retirement Drawdown/Lump  2.3% (Enhanced) Min £500 on initial advance Draw down reserve 1/2 of fee paid on trail  payable after completion
 Lifestyle, Voluntary and Interst only.  BTL & Second homes 2.3% + 1% on reserve with a  Min £500 MUST BE REGISTERED WITH retirement advantage formerly Stonehaven AS PERC preferred route to qualify. Payable after completion. @ 2.3% and 1% on reserve

Please note: This information is for registered intermediaries. Not to issued to members of the public. Note: PERC club does not offer financial conduct regulated advice. Please always check rate, criteria and commission with lenders as this can change without notice.

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To secure deals EVERY APPLICATION MUST have a PERC WRAP Submission which you can download here.


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