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Why Aviva Equity Release?

Aviva is global group stretching back 300 years.  Aviva currently operate in 18 countries, providing investments, savings and insurance to around 34 million customers.

Aviva is one of the UK’s largest and trusted providers of equity release products.  Aviva have been in the market since 1988 and over 140,000 people have release cash from their homes with them.

Aviva are innovative with an equity release proposition which is constantly evolving as Aviva strive to offer the products that best meet customer needs.

Attracting clients through strong brand awareness

Aviva is a brand that members and clients will recognise.  Aviva are at the forefront of the retirement market, setting the agenda as the need for retirement solutions grows.

Aviva Real Retirement Reports focus on a spotlight on issues facing customers today and also shares insight and expertise.  These reports have been just one part of Aviva journey towards identifying need and engaging with customers.

Tailoring client quotations through the innovative Flexible Pricing Tool

Aviva member have access to the innovative Aviva Flexi Pricing Tool.  The Flexible Pricing Tool offers members the opportunity to tailor the product depending on client requirements with the option to add features such as free valuations or cash back.  The quotation can be customised until the member and client is satisfied.

Leading in equity release- Aviva award winning credibility

Aviva consistently leads the equity release market.  This has been recently been recognised by independent experts.  Aviva have received a FIVE star rating from Moneyfacts for their equity release proposition. Additionally, What Mortgage awards Best Equity Release Lender for 2013


Guaranteed further releases for partial reversions.

Low set up costs with no application fee and low valuation fee.

For maximum releases there are additional options of Early Vacancy Guarantee (EVG) & High House Price Inflation Protection (HHIP).

Option of a cash lump sum followed by annual payments for up to 15 years pre-agreed at the outset of the plan (Secured Escalating Release).

Guarantees a percentage of the property will be left to the estate (Flexible and Secured Escalating Release Plans).

Suitable for clients wanting a modest release with low set up costs.

Suitable for clients wanting to release the maximum possible amount of cash (Maximum Release).

Clients can take out plan simultaneous with a house purchase.

  • Established 2001
  • Mark King, principal, has 25 years experience in equity release via home reversions
  • Member of the equity release council, so abides by their rules and code of conduct
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an “arranger” Reg number 464925
  • Crown matches buyers and sellers BUT only via FCA regulated individuals

Property criteria

Will consider :

  • Ex Local Authority and leaseholds
  • Non Standard construction
  • Flats with short lease
  • Properties owned jointly with a third party
  • Agricultural tenancies
  • Over 65 joint lives, younger single considered
  • Impaired lives under 65 considered – Refer to arranger
  • Impaired lives may command a premium price – Refer to arranger
  • More than 2 occupants

Will NOT consider:

  • Properties in Scotland, Northern Ireland
  • “Park” Homes
  • Retirement Flats
  • Properties subject to flying freehold

Rate table and survey fee list available on the web

Hodge Lifetme

An award winning lender, Hodge Lifetime launched the first equity release plan in 1965 and is the longest established later life mortgage provider in the UK. We are at the forefront of innovation in the older borrower market, and have used our experience to develop market leading features such as Downsizing Protection, residential mortgages for over 55’s and the Flexible Repayment Option allowing 10% overpayments, available across our entire plan range:

Equity Release Mortgages:

Downsizing range offering flexi and lump sum
Providing peace of mind that your client will not incur an early repayment charge if, after the first 5 yrs, they repay the loan in full as a result of selling home and moving.
If moving home and redeeming within the first 5 years, a sliding scale charge only will apply of 5% in year 1 to 1% in year 5

Retirement Mortgage

A hybrid equity release scheme, based on affordability and combining the best features of an interest only residential mortgage with the peace of mind offered by a lifetime mortgage.

Residential Mortgages:

55+ Mortgage   

Interest only residential mortgage available from age 55-95, choice of rates and fixes and the ability to overpay from day 1.

55+ RIO Mortgage
Interest only residential mortgage available from age 55 with no end date, capital is repaid on sale of the property upon death or entry into long term care, also offers a choice of rates and fixes and the ability to overpay from day 1.

There are many borrowers who may feel that traditional equity release is not for them, as well as younger pre-retirees who may not be ready to commit to a traditional lifetime mortgage. These clients may want an interest only mortgage but find it hard to get one through mainstream lenders. This is the reason we has introduced the Retirement Mortgage and our residential range. Provided that borrowers have a reasonable level of income, (we look at employed, self-employed, rental, investment and pensions), these mortgages can put borrower’s in control of their mortgage.


Everyone deserves a just retirement

Just are a specialist provider of financial solutions designed to improve the quality of life for people in or approaching retirement.

We want to help retirees make the most of their pension and property assets by providing award-winning products and service tailored to meet individual needs.

Our customer service has consistently been recognised by the industry, and we are delighted to have achieved ‘five star’ ratings in the Financial Adviser Service Awards Mortgage Lenders and Packagers category for the fifth consecutive year.  To add to this, in two years out of the last four we were voted ‘Company of The Year’.

We couldn’t achieve this without the support of the financial intermediary community and the dedication of the people who work for Just Retirement. We will continue to develop our service and products, to provide the highest possible level of support to you.

We want to help you help more of your clients get the retirement income they deserve.

Equity release – Why wouldn’t your client turn to their biggest asset?

With over £1bn advanced to tens of thousands of customers so far, Just Retirement Limited is a leading provider of equity release*.

Think house – equity release could be the solution

Those aged 65 and over have more than £750bn** of equity in property, which means that your client’s house could be one of their biggest assets.

By considering your clients’ home as part of their retirement planning, you (and they) may be pleasantly surprised. Whether it’s clearing debt such as an existing mortgage, revamping their kitchen or helping family members get on the property ladder, many retirees could unlock the equity in their properties to help achieve their plans in retirement.

Our Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage features include:

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Competitive loan to value factors from 18% to 45% (dependant on age and circumstances)
  • Improved drawdown facility
  • Commission paid on drawdown.

*Equity Release Council (SHIP) Full year 2012. **Key Retirement Solutions, 2013 – our dedicated adviser site

Whether you want to be a retirement market specialist or simply capitalise on opportunities close at hand, we understand how useful support can be in helping you develop a profitable business.

Visit our specialist intermediary website, where you will find an array of tools and support to assist you as you find your clients a retirement income solution that suits their circumstances. – You’ll be able to access:

Experience our passion for great service and take advantage of the support we can offer you. For further information please contact your dedicated Account Manager or our support team on:

Phone:   0845 302 2287 (Lines are open Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm)

Fax          0845 301 2287


We look forward to working with you, and exploring how we can bring real benefits to your business.

Just  Registered Office: Vale House, Roebuck Close, Bancroft Road, Reigate, Surrey  RH2 7RU. Registered in England Number 05017193. Just Retirement Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

L & G

Reasons why you should use Legal & General:

Free valuations and no lender arrangement fees on standard scheme (premier exempt)

FLEXIBLE Product offers:

  • Amongst highest drawdown
  • Client options, cash back, valuations, and rebate commissions
  • voluntary payments of up to 4 per year from £500 to 10%
  • Free Automatic Inheritance Protection
  • Fully interactive KFI’s/Cash Release Optimiser 24/7

Optional Offers:

  • Similar as above
  • Interest payments collected from £25 to full interest payments by DDM for specified term or life, option to switch to flexible.

Reasons to use LV=

  • Free valuation up to £500,000 with contribution if over of £284- flexilbe and Free to £1.5m on lump sum
  • Guaranteed reserve money for up to 15 years
  • Fixed early redemption penalties 5% year 1-5, 3% Year 6-10,with none thereafter
  • No ERC if house sold within 3 years of a partners death
  • Draw down facility still available following a death, in tenants in common cases ( Lump sum joint tenants only)
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • House hold brand name
  • Sheltered/ age restricted consider if over 3 years old (Always refer case)
  • Will consider second homes and holiday lets (Always refer case)
  • CLUB commission 1.5% for the draw down on the whole facility paid at initial completion ( 1.5% on any reserve with initial procuration fees) and 1.75% on the LUMP SUM scheme

To access this exceptional offer you need to make sure that you quote PERC when ordering KFI’s and when submitting application you need to INCLUDE a WRAP submission sheet or use the branded application. Failure to enclose WRAP submission sheet or PERC branded application will mean reduced commission and no free valuation.

more 2 life

Maximum Choice

  •  Lump sum and reserve options
  • Partial Capital Repayment option of up to 12% per year (ERC-free)
  • Fixed ERC of 6% in years 1-5. In years 6-10 ERC = 0% or 6% dependent on gilt rates
  • Guaranteed Inheritance Feature included where maximum loan is not taken at outset (free of charge)
  • Minimum draw down of just £500 available
  • Free valuations

 Capital Choice And Capital Choice PLUS

  •  Accepts voluntary partial capital repayments after completion
  • From min £50 to max 10% in calendar year (ERC-free)
  • Lump sum only, no reserve
  • Fixed ERCs
  • Guaranteed Inheritance Feature included (max 50%) where maximum loan is not taken at outset (free of charge)
  • Cash back available (3% as at May 2018)
  • ‘Plus’ option available for clients aged 60-75 with same features but higher LTVs
  • Free valuations
  • NEW available with a reserve 28th September 2018

 Tailored Choice – Enhanced (based on medical and lifestyle)

  •  Highest LTVs in the market (up to 55.5%)
  • Guaranteed Inheritance Feature automatically included where maximum loan is not taken at outset (free of charge)
  • Only 13 simple questions to obtain rate for enhanced
  • Reserve available (large) with unrestricted access
  • Cash backs available (up to 5% as at May 2018)
  • Free valuations
Pure Retirement

Written by PERC

  • Cash back deal meaning more can be released
  • High LTV’s
  • Draw down product from age 70
  • Competitive rate
  • Free valuations to £2million, schemes with  no arrangement fee (£895) + cash backs of £600 for legal and £500/£1400 Adviser fees.

NEW Sovereign range – fixed ERC, 5 levels of LTV and 3 options of reserve level and 3 options of contributions.


New lender from age 55

Lump Sum

Voluntary £25 to 10% immediately

** New Interest Payment from £25.00 to 100% by DDM- No affordability

Fixed or variable rates. tracking CPI set in the September for 12 months

Valuation fee is payable on OneFamily

Fixed ERC’s 1-5 year = 6% and 6-10 = 3% thereafter closing fee.

Downsizing guarantee after 5 years.

Club get uplift in commission to 2.3%

Canade Life


FIXED ERC’S  Year 1-5 =5% year 6-8 = 3% year 9 = nil +

Reserves available on all schemes with a 0.2% monthly rate loading.

  • Protected Equity/Inheritance Guarantee can be added free of charge
  • Partial repayments can be made at any time (may be subject to ERCs)
  • No threat of repossession (as long as they abide by the T&Cs)
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Mortgage is fully portable
  • Start from age 55

Capital Select Option New 6th November 2018

Similar to voluntary with added Downsizing protection, early repayment waiver if 2B1 with 3 levels of LTV and reserves available.

Interest Select Options

  • Monthly interest payments allowed
  • Can choose from 50% to 100% of the interest to payment, and for how long over a minimum of 5 years
  • Do not have to pay 100% of the interest – any amount upwards of 50%
  • Interest payments can be made on additional borrowing
  • First two additional borrowing requests have £0 completion fee
  • Three interest payments can be missed. On the fourth missed payment, the mortgage is converted to an interest roll-up loan.
  • Mortgage can be flipped from interest-paying to interest roll-up at any time
  • Affordability assessment ( proof of income and expenditure required April 2014)
  • £1000 cash back option

Lump Sum Options

  • Fixed interest rate for the life of the mortgage
  • Additional borrowing may be applied for
  • First two additional borrowing requests have £0 completion fee
  • £1000 cash back option

Voluntary Select

  • BEST for any one requiring complete flexibility
  • 10% over payments with immediate effect
  • No set payment periods, just over £50 to max 10% will not  incur any redemption penalties
  • No proof of pension or bank statements
  • Payment by Standing order, cheque or bacs.
  • IDEAL for self employed with FIXED ERC’s!

BTL and Second Homes- contact Jane 01326 567970

Please note: This information is for registered intermediaries. Not to be issued to members of the public. Note: PERC club does not offer financial conduct regulated advice.  Please always check rate, criteria and commission with lenders as this can change without notice.